Zen Climbing

Climbing is a State of Mind

Zen Climbing Photo by liquene


Zen Climbing is about purposely finding that powerful state of mind while climbing that is free of fear and totally focused on one thing – climbing.

Zen Climbing features articles on habits, mental exercises, videos, perspectives on powerful climbing, – all with one singular focus – to help you have more and longer passages of total presence in your climbing.

Zen Climbing is written by Anders Fabech Rønnau and Rikke Fabech Rønnau.

I started climbing in Boulder, Colorado, in 1999 while doing research at CU Boulder. At the time a physicist earning a Ph.D., I later went to study Product Design, and later transferred into working full time as a personal mental coach.
My primary daily work is with people with the ADHD diagnosis, which means that my primary task every day is to help people focus, let go of fears and negative assumptions about themselves, – and really to help them find peace of mind. I write a blog (in Danish) called Alt Om ADHD, which features articles about living a good life with the ADHD problems.
Since 1999 I have climbed rather irregularly, and since 2007 when I injured both lower arms, my climbing has been more eratic than irregular. Several attempts to start climbing ended up in more pains. Finally in the Summer of 2009 I was making good progress, and got too excited, climbed hard, – and punctured the facie surrounding one of the lower arm muscles. I will probably go into surgery within the next couple of months.
In the mean time, Zen Climbing is a great way for me to stay connected with the wonderful climbing community.